Dr. Karuna’s Collagen Generator

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•Promotes Skin Hydration

•Supports Skin Smoothness

•Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles

•Strengthens & Thickens Brittle Hair

•Promotes Healthy Hair Growth

•Supports Bone & Connective Tissue Health




{NEW FORMULA} Dr. Karuna’s Collagen Generator is easy to consume, no greasy lotions needed! This great anti-aging formula gives you a healthy glow without all the side effects of botox injections. This choline-stabilized formulation of orthosilicic acid increases the 3 beauty proteins: collagen, elastin & keratin. 


How to take it:

Take one capsule two times per day, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.



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With your purchase of Dr. Karuna’s Collagen Generator, get a copy of her e-book (with more Anti-Aging secrets)  Get Relief From Time Deficit Disorder (TDD): How to be Beautiful & Sane in Chaos. 


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