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You don't have struggle to feel good in your body & in your skin. Dr. Karuna offers Ayurvedic & Naturopathic medical services tailored for you, to clear acne, detox, increase energy, lose weight & RELIEVE STRESS, so you can feel like yourself again!

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In the Media

Visit highlights from my various media appearances & articles in the Huffington Post.  In need of a host, guest appearance or expert speaker? Contact me and let’s connect.

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Looking for youthful smooth skin without the side effects of botox?  Want to do an easy detox? Is your hair thinning? Tired of being TIRED?  Look into our products for the best fit for your needs.

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IMAN and Dr. Karuna Speaking


Contact us about scheduling a consultation with Dr. Karuna no matter where you live on the globe.

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Praise for Dr. Karuna Sabnani, NMD

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Dr. Karuna Sabnani is a medically savvy genius in connecting all the dots to your organs and how they connect back to your health.  It’s refreshing to find a doctor that not only welcomes, but provides logical answers to all your internet research.   (more…)

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 I came to Dr. Karuna a very broken individual. Celiac disease, HIV, Hepatitis C, fatigue, depression, gastro-intestinal problems.  I hadn’t had a normal bowel movement in 10 years.  Within 1 month, I was sitting pretty happy on the pot!   (more…)



Look at my progress so far, since taking your advice and doing your protocol! My skin has cleared up and I have lost weight.  I am so happy! The picture to the right is what I look like now.  Thank you! – Samantha L.  (Mother)

Dr. Karuna Sabnani 2015.
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