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How to Lose Your Holiday Weight


Let Go of the Holiday Weight Blues

We’ve all had that experience of looking across the room at that radiant person and thinking, “I will have what she’s having.” Who amongst us doesn’t want to be lean, have a polish to our look and effortless “joie de vivre”?

Don’t let the holiday blues and apple pies you consumed get you down! The time to get back on track and into a healthy routine is Now! Long lasting balanced weight & a gorgeous body comes from daily awareness to your lifestyle & choices. Choose to learn these principles rather than investing in another ‘fad’ diet that has you day-dreaming & obsessing about devouring that pint of chocolate ice cream….


How Do I Lose My Holiday Weight?


  • Keep it light before 10am: Start your day with a glass or two of hot water to increase the natural cleansing process. Stay away from heavy meals during this time. If your weight loss goals are more than 20 pounds, stick to only liquids: green tea, hot water or broth and eat a lighter meal after 10 am.


  • Increase Green Vegetables and Reduce Starch: From the Royal Family to Celebrities, people are catching the drift that a key to health and staying thin is taking the grains out of your diet or greatly reducing them as a mainstay.

 The way to do this is to focus on what you can eat. Start every meal with a dark green leafy salad or sautéed greens. Eat lean meat.

Ask that the bread bowl, chip bowl, side of crackers, etc.. be removed from your table. Ask for extra vegetables in the place of rice. Use vegetables in the place of crackers. If you want to lose weight, take pasta out of your diet completely!


  • The 2 P’s – Pausing & Portion Size: Place your fork down in between bites. Pause. Be mindful during your meals. This will allow you to recognize when you are full and not overeat. Practice eating less at each meal. This will give you more options; eating a small amount of your favorite food will give more satisfaction than forcing yourself to eat more of something you don’t want.


  • Drink Water and Cold Drinks Away from Meals: Water has its own digestive process. When you drink cold liquids and water with meals, you have more of a chance of getting bloated and diluting your enzymes that you need to digest your meal. Drink your fluids in between your meals as much as possible.


  • Sip Wine with Your Meals Rather than Beforehand: If’ you are going to consume alcohol, and it’s around your meals, sip wine during your meal or after, rather than having a drink before you eat.

Drinking before meals can impair your judgement about your appetite, and you may eat more than you actually need. This makes a big difference.


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