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Creative Ways to Stay Warm in FRIGID Cold


It’s been insanely cold for most of us in the USA recently.  A normal jacket and scarf to keep warm aren’t cutting it.  All of us have had to get a bit creative to stay warm and function while Mother Nature does her thing.

How to stay warm in freezing cold

  1. Learn about cloves + cinnamon:  Diffuse a few drops of clove or cinnamon essential oil blended with your favorite citrus oils (my favorites are orange and grapefruit).  If all else fails, get clove and cinnamon from your grocery store and boil them in water on the stove.  Let the water cool and add to a mister bottle.  Mist around your home during cold months.  This adds warmth and coziness.
  2. Cashmere sweatpants:  Invest in a pair of cashmere sweats, you won’t regret it. There are many varieties easily available at different price points.  They are really warm and aren’t itchy like wool.  You can wear them to bed, around the house, and as your outer layer as well.  The coziness and warmth is well worth it.
  3. Get a warm water humidifier:  I always had cool air humidifiers until THIS year.  The hot steamy water in this dry indoor heat adds not only moisture, but also extra warmth.
  4. Learn the magic of ginger:  Add a few fresh slices of ginger or grated tablespoon of ginger to your bath to warm you up.  MAKE sure you aren’t sensitive as this will get you sweating, so start slowly.  If you are very cold – drink ginger tea or hot water while in the bathtub.  Ginger baths will also get the circulation moving and detoxify your channels.
  5. NO cold drinks:  Drink hot water and herbal teas.  Remove cold food too.
  6. Add stewed fruit: Remove the raw fruit and replace with stewed apples + pears.  Just add a little water and add the fruit.  Warm food is easier to digest and warms you up too.
  7. Spiced dates: Try this recipe to warm you up and increase your pleasure hormone too!


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