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February 2015: Dr. Karuna reveals her anti-aging food secrets on The Dr. OZ Show.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE SEGMENT.

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January 2014: Dr. Karuna talks to host Sonia Baghdady about DIY skin remedies & Golden Globes beauty review on two live episodes of  the “Ask the Expert: Beauty  TV Show” CLICK HERE to watch the shows.  













October 2013: Dr. Karuna on Naturally Savvy Radio Show discussing her topic of her e-book “Get Relief from Time Deficit Disorder”  CLICK HERE to listen to the show.

November 2013: Regret-Free Holiday Tips Radio Show: CLICK HERE.

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Sept 2013: Dr. Karuna talks to actress Judy Greer on Yahoo’s show Reluctantly Healthy”

Dr. Karuna Sabnani and Judy Greer on Yahoo Reluctantly Healthy










June 2013: Dr. Karuna on ClearVision TV:  3 Essential Healthy Drinks for City Living.  Recipes given in detail.


June 2013: Dualing Doctors TV Show. Debate on Eastern & Western suggestions for Acne, Common Cold & Yeast Infections.  Air date to be announced.

Dualing Doctors- Not again show












Feb. 2013: Dr. Karuna on the Naturally Beautiful TV Show.  CLICK HERE for interview.

CLICK HERE for roundtable discussion. 












Jan. 2013: Dr. Karuna & IMAN interviewed by Essence Magazine. Click Here








Sept. 2012: Commercial – Dr. Karuna collaborating  with Beauty & Style Icon IMAN about skin health and launch of IMAN Cosmetics BB Cremé.


Dr. Karuna Sabnani gives tips on Stress and Cleansing. For ClearVISION TV.  In hospitals nationwide.



August 2011: Illumé Image Consulting: Dr. Sabnani and Stylist Trinity Rose were asked to come back to Corporate Profile on Wall Street for a second interview.  How to work with people going through transitions.


May 2011: Illumé Image Consulting interview with Corporate Profile. Dr. Sabnani and Stylist Trinity Rose give tips for the fast paced Wall Street life.


Runway Passport 2011: Dr. Sabnani : Health & Beauty Tips for City Living – Style and Wellness Part 2.




Dr. Karuna in Cosmo










Dr. Karuna in April 2016 issue of Cosmo Magazine (Page 90)






CLICK HERE : 5 Daily Ayurvedic Rituals to Feel Your Most Rested in Yoga Journal by Dr. Karuna

CLICK HERE: Detox Your Life: 5 Steps for a Holistic Ayurvedic Cleanse in Yoga Journal 








Read Dr. Karuna’s articles in Eligible Magazine: CLICK HERE


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JULY 2014: Dr. Karuna interviewed in this well+GOOD magazine article on Aloe: The Beauty Secret more New York Women Are Sipping On. CLICK HERE   

JULY 2014: Dr. Karuna’s feature interview in well+Good Magazine:   9 Summer Foods for No-Makeup Needed Skin. CLICK HERE  



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Dr. Sabnani’s Simple Cleansing Tips in the Holstee Magazine Issue 4: Nature CLICK HERE




Beyond Sindh Magazine










Dr. Sabnani featured in the ‘Strong Women & Their Business Acumen.


Dr. Sabnani interviewed on Health, Beauty and Weight Loss Advice. Read above: pg 46-47.


Interview with South Asian Diaspora Magazine: Pursuing an Alternative Path to Health. Click Here  


10 Tips For Radiant Skin.  Click Here



Dr. Karuna Sabnani’s Huffington Post Articles.  Click Here

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