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Hormonal Health & PCOS

Sometimes you feel ‘out of whack’ and imbalanced and just don’t know why everything you are trying is not working to make you feel better.  Your hormonal health is at the core of how you feel day to day and if imbalanced can have you feeling not quite like yourself.


Does this describe your experience?

1) Do you have a irregular or painful menstrual cycle?

2) Have you been diagnosed with PCOS or have unexplained hair growth on your body, sugar cravings, and acne that is not resolved with your normal routine?

3) Do you have bloating, weight gain and water retention that is unchanged by what you eat

4) Do you have wild mood swings or sugar cravings?


Result of your consultation: 

– Get comprehensive hormonal testing to get a close view of ‘exactly’ what hormones are imbalanced.

– Learn what to eat and supplements to take for your specific situation so you feel more balanced.

– Know what to eat and do for unbearable sugar cravings and mood swings.

– Be relieved to have a solution to your bloating and water retention without having to starve yourself with no results.

– Get Bio-identical hormone replacement and replace synthetic hormonal replacement and their side-effects.

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