Creative Ways to Stay Warm in FRIGID Cold


It’s been insanely cold for most of us in the USA recently.  A normal jacket and scarf to keep warm aren’t cutting it.  All of us have had to get a bit creative to stay warm and function while Mother Nature does her thing.

How to stay warm in freezing cold

Learn about cloves…

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How to Lose Your Holiday Weight


Let Go of the Holiday Weight Blues

We’ve all had that experience of looking across the room at that radiant person and thinking, “I will have what she’s having.” Who amongst us doesn’t want to be lean, have a polish to our look and effortless “joie de vivre”?

Don’t let the holiday blues and apple pies you consumed get you down! The…

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5 Daily Rituals to be Free of Tired + Feel more Rested




Change has been fiery this year keeping all of us on our toes.  It’s essential to know how to pull back into ourselves to breathe + rest to keep sanity intact.

What do I do?

Practice these 5 daily Ayurvedic Rituals as featured in Yoga Journal…

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A Youthing Secret (shhh!)



I prefer the word youthing to anti-aging as a big part of getting that dewy glow we all want is hidden in the child-like wonder we see in children.  That wonder is actually the secret to looking glowing from the inside.

Of course we must all do the daily self-care rituals…

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How to Have More Joy with these Simple Practices


Joy comes from being present.

Be in the moment as it may be your last.  Remind yourself of this and life automatically becomes more alive and vibrant.

Bring your discursvie thoughts back to the action your are performing right now.  If you need to you can say to yourself the activity you are doing to keep your mind focused . For…

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Spiced Dates Recipe to Increase Oxytocin

Dates With Ghee

Dates, cardamom and cinnamon are all oxytocic & aphrodisiac. Oxytocin is the “love hormone.”  This sweet treat is not only delicious but great for the Fall Season to nourish and vitalize your tissues and bring that ‘dewy glow’ we all desire.  The key is to…

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Ginger Foot Bath



A ginger foot bath is a great way not only to relax but to help you warm up & sleep on the cool Fall & Winter nights.


1-2 teaspoons of grated ginger (add more if there is more water)


Wash your feet before doing your foot…

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A Secret to Better Hormonal Health


A secret to better hormonal health is to pay attention to the moon cycles.

The moon controls the ocean’s tides & it controls our menstrual cycles.

A simple way to do this, is to get a ‘moon phase’ app on your smart phone.  If you live in Nature already, pay attention to the when the moon is full & go outside and…

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Drink MORE Water!

Before you find another solution for your fatigue, stress, congested skin… ask Drink More Wateryourself, “Am I drinking enough water?

You will be surprised how much better you feel with MANY symptoms if you hydrate properly.

My friend once told me how he started thinking dark thoughts and felt he needed mood-lifting medications and after he just had a big bottle…

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How to Beat Winter Blues & Blahs

Hi Everyone,

It’s getting darker and colder outside and moods are starting to drop.  Don’t fret! Watch these video tips and put them to action to feel happier now!  Here are a few preview snippets:

1)  Get your Vitamin D checked

2) Use a body scrub before you bathe

3) Make sure you know what to eat & when to eat it

And a…

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