How to Have More Joy with these Simple Practices


Joy comes from being present.

Be in the moment as it may be your last.  Remind yourself of this and life automatically becomes more alive and vibrant.

Bring your discursvie thoughts back to the action your are performing right now.  If you need to you can say to yourself the activity you are doing to keep your mind focused . For example, if you are combing your hair, you can say to yourself internally or out loud, “Combing hair, Combing hair, Combing hair.”

Catch yourself when your mind wanders and see where you lose yourself in your thoughts the most? What type of situation catches you off guard the most? Is it work? Is it your partner? Is it being around a specific person?  Take time to consciously address the areas that are taking your mind away from the present moment.  Staying in the present moment decreases stress and also allows for solutions to your ‘problems’ to arise more naturally.

Slowing down and paying attention to your breath will also make it easier to arrive into the moment.

Spending more time in Nature & away from city noise is my favorite way to relax into what is.


Try these practices and let us know how they have worked for you.  Be present.  Have Joy.




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Dr. Karuna Sabnani 2016.
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