Assessment Tests


Assessment Tests:

Naturopathic doctors are experts in taking a comprehensive medical history as their primary tool for assessment.  If needed,  certain tests are also utilized to gather further information:

Expanded Blood-work Analysis By looking at a patient’s standard blood-work, doctors trained in expanded blood-work analysis are able to extrapolate information that can be missed by some doctors – often pinpointing nutritional deficiencies as well as trends toward certain pathology conditions before they actually occur in the body.  Dr. Karuna can recommend which labs would be best to run for your case.  At this time, patients must obtain their bloodwork through an outside lab and bring in for analysis.

Stool Analysis Comprehensive digestive stool analysis evaluates the status of the body’s digestive tract. Enzyme production, gut flora, yeast overgrowth, parasite evaluation, gut immune function and blood leakage are only a few parameters measured by this test. This evaluation is helpful for patients with afflictions such as irritable bowel syndrome, mal-absorption, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Saliva and Urine Tests for Endocrine Function An optimally functioning endocrine system (a family of glands and organs within the body) is vital to restoring and maintaining good health. Endocrine system diagnostic testing helps reveal the hidden causes of health problems, by determining whether certain hormones levels are optimum and in balance. These tests help determine the need for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, as well as to check the adrenal glands of patients suffering from fatigue, weak immunity and insomnia.

Allergy Testing (ALCAT Test) The ALCAT test helps define the right diet for optimum health and performance. Shown to be highly accurate in identifying the relevant foods and substances associated with many types of chronic inflammatory and metabolic disorders, the ALCAT test takes the guesswork out of therapeutic dietary planning. This type of testing is more specific than traditional allergy testing, which only measures IGE response (acute anaphalaxis-type reactions). The ALCAT test measures all pathways of the immune system from one simple non-fasting blood draw. Clinical results have been shown to be 85 percent effective in reducing symptoms.

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