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Dr. Karuna Sabnani, NMD

Dr. Karuna Sabnani is a Beauty and Natural Medicine Expert.  For over 10 years, patients have come to Dr. Sabnani to learn how to get a lean body, restful sleep, restored energy, clear skin, strong digestion and stress reduction.  They often feel a sense of ease, balance and health within Dr. Karuna Sabnani Headshot - Redtheir full lifestyles and demanding careers after following Dr. Sabnani’s suggestions.

Dr. Karuna Sabnani is a graduate of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, an accredited four-year naturopathic medical college. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and English Literature from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts. Dr. Sabnani is licensed as a Naturopathic Doctor in the state of California, and is a member of the California Association of Naturopathic Doctors. Dr. Sabnani has practiced in Arizona, California and New York City since 2001.  She currently lives in New York City and works with patients both nationally and internationally.

Using Ayurvedic principles and Natural Wisdom, Dr. Sabnani designs a personalized health regime or cleanse, often referred to as a “Health & Beauty Makeover’,  specific for the patient’s lifestyle. She uses a creative and inspirational approach. Her goal is for her patients to glow in radiant health.

In addition to her general practice, Dr. Sabnani blogs for the Huffington Post and has been the health and beauty advisor to IMAN Cosmetics.  She is also a part of Illumé, a unique image consulting and wellness service that re-interprets the concept of personal styling.



My Approach to My Practice:

Who are you?

les-2010Most of us do not know, and yet it is the most important question we can ask ourselves. Beauty and health are about that exploration of who we are, and how we can bring that exploration out as the art of our lives. Living holistically means being able to be yourself completely. Our patterns, behaviors, food preferences, body type, haircut, radiance of our skin and style are all reflections of how we feel inside. Health and beauty comes naturally when all of who you are is integrated, from what you eat, to what you wear. It’s about congruence; learning who you are and expressing it, inside and out, skin to bones. It’s powerful to feel good and look good. Get this down and you will glow.

How I Practice:

A central part of my practice is teaching people about what they need to have excellent health.  A key is educating patients about the gut and its function in overall health and weight.

When you have strong digestion your health improves, you  feel cleaner and look better. Oftentimes, people feel heavier when they are experiencing bloating, constipation or water retention. These symptoms can easily be resolved when you find out the cause of why you are having these problems and learn what foods to eat and when to eat them.

Sometimes, it’s about learning simple, specific principles that work for you, and consistently applying them in your daily life. Once that framework is created, you actually enjoy better health, freedom in you food choices and can get rid of the deprivation.

When you are absorbing everything you eat and eliminating everything you don’t need, you are clearing your blood. A natural result of this is an overall radiance, clear skin and a lean body.


I design custom protocols based on an individual’s lifestyle, so it gives results and takes into account the person’s whole health history.

When I get the entire health history, one thing I can see are the patterns of what a person’s habits have been their entire life. I get to see what the person likes to eat and what the person does not like to eat. This allows me to include some of their favorite foods into their program, to make their program fit comfortably in their lifestyle.

Dr. Karuna Sabnani - Karuna Naturopathic Healthcare

I evaluate the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health and a lifestyle of a patient and how they all fit together. Where you live, work, yourrelationships, your ethnic background and so forth all have a piece in your overall health.

Being seen as an individual:

There are downfalls when nutritionists, trainers or doctors try and cookie cut people into one mold, and give everyone the same protocol.

We are all very different in our constitution and our needs. A person working on Wall Street can have very different needs than a Stay-At-Home Mother. When we are all so different, how can we have one strict program for everyone? It doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t work in the long run. The downfall with cookie-cutting people is that people have trouble keeping up with their program and often feel defeated and catapult back into old patterns.

You have to learn what is healthy for ‘you’, there is no one healthy food or lifestyle for everyone, it’s what is right for you at this time. There is no such thing as a healthy food, someone’s medicine can be another person’s poison. Health comes when you live the life which is right for you. The key is to find what this is and live it.

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